Javier Otero

Javier Otero is a contemporary artist and painter from Santiago de Chile. He graduated in Art in 2015 from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Javier Otero seeks the connection between art and reality, so that art is not just a lifeless image of life, but an animated nature. Javier Otero looks for random objects left behind to insert into his artworks. He asks himself, what was their past history and what will be their future history? He looks for traces that life has left behind to bring them to new life in his artworks. And to invent new stories that his works tell. To inspire people.

His artworks are like landscapes or maps that show us routes for these landscapes. They are surfaces that invite us to lose ourselves in them. They allow us space for imagination, innovation, and wandering between dream and reality. They are intermediate realms. Javier Otero is in search of the abstract form that challenges the viewer’s perception. This perception seeks what is familiar and yet unfamiliar, thereby stimulating the exploration of new worlds. Is it something I know or is it the unknown? This opens up a space of imagination that makes the impossible real. Because once it is thought, it is half done and done.

He searches for the representable in order to make knowledge comprehensible and accessible.
The aesthetic visualisation of insights that relate not only to art but to life in general is his goal.

Driven by the sharp course of the mind logic tends to be a good adviser within stormy waters as life.

There is an exquisite beauty which lies in logical structures and clear patterns. Such is justified through the feeling of control and harmony that give us a feeling of ease, in this confusing and distracting world. So it is to find in well balanced compositions and arrangements.

Javier Otero: Constelación III (2020) Acuarela y gouache sobre cartón
Guache and watercolor on cardboard,
82 x 110 cm.

But what if, through rational thinking and behaviour we are missing the little waves and quietly breezes that whisper to follow our heart instead of our head, to take detours and go for mistakes? Because life is not only a long path but like a painting, every little layer adds deepth to the soul and shapes a unique beautiful profile. Your life and Art belongs to You, You create it for Yourself. It is not a race to win but a work that is growing each day more and more.

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Brotes,cisne y sandía



Pez y trebol


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Lava en mi divorcio


106,9 x 120 cm

Ink, charcoal, dry pastel, colored pencil on Strathmore Toned Tan paper.

Composición cianotipo colores



La gracias es compartida


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