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This site searches to find answers to the current challenges of a global perspective and approach to art. New artist and their work are being introduced in our online gallery, while our magazine covers currently discussed topic in the creative cosmos.

Josephine Taraschkewitz works as art curator conceiving exhibitions, mediates and networks artists, writes and publishes texts about their work and help artists to achieve sustainable visibility. 


In the Gallery section You can find the actual artworks that are currently for sale or part of our temporarily designed or permanent exhibitions. If You search to receive more information about individual works, the represented artists or the Gallery shows You can easily contact us. We are happy to hear from You!


In the Magazine You will find recently discussed topics on current and urgent debates, events and exhibitions of the art scene.

Josephine Taraschkewitz

Founder of and Independent Curator for Global Art Gallery Josephine is an art historian trained at Technische Universität and Freie Universität in Berlin. She completed practical training in performative Arts such as Dance, Theatre and Choreography as well as theoretical education in Bachelor and Master of Art History. You can find more about her life, education and profile here.

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