A solo exhibition by Finja Sander in 11/2017

To what extent are we able to have an effect in space as corporeal, human beings? How can we adjust ourselves in or to these rooms, do we fill them out or do they fill us out?

curated by Josephine Taraschkewitz

Finja Sander born in Hildesheim is an artist in the study at the Berlin University of the Arts. For her artistic work the photographic apparatus serves as an investigation tool for an aesthetic and cognitive examined consideration. At the center of her research stands her own self, its environment and its relation to it in its corporeality.

The photographic medium helps thanks to its alleged evidential value an assurance of imagination and reality. For example, when it comes to the investigation of a female body during pregnancy or the experience of narrow and close feeling in limited space. What for the imaginating eye is not to be seen, reveals the camera and brings disappointment, where fulfillment was longed for.

The artistic works of Finja Sander take their starting point in an emotion given beginning. The intuition, having to respond to the stimuli of her environment, is where her projects begin. By these means, areas of artistic creation are formed, where an intuitive physically understanding overcomes a rationally, dominated perception.

For Finja Sander the photographic apparatus means localization and specification at the same time. The camera is capable of translating three-dimensional physical work into spherical images. It transforms the physical act, makes it concrete and materializes it. The media is something familiar, natural for her, that she essentially deals with in an intrinsic way. The plasticity of her own object-like body lives on in the pictures. In addition the video guarantees a timeless understanding by the animated image, that is not given through a photography.

The exercises of Finja Sanders always refer to a female body as a human body. This leads to the final result of the realization process: the circumstance to be pregnant with an idea.