New Artists

Mathilda Augart’s Ceramics (2023)

Mathilda Augart‘s artworks are created using a wide range of materials such as stone, bronze, glass, found objects and more.
Painting, performance and film are also incorporated into her creative practice.

To express her ideas, every possible medium is used, which mostly center around the concept of understanding the human being as a complex architectural structure.
The artistic process involves the destruction, reuse, and reinterpretation of old artworks, resulting in an organic growth of my personal artistic language.

Recently she finished this series of ceramics which have such illustrativ titles as “about my youngest dream” and “any thought”.

Here You can see two of the six designs in total.

Please send us a message or a direct enquiry if You are interested.

Die kleine blaue, Keramik | 11 x 13 x 12 cm | 2023, 288 €

Trockenkörper, Keramik | 18 x 19 x 19 cm | 2023, 448 €