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An Interview with Artist Javier Otero

Javier Otero was invited to speak about his beginnings in Art, his current topics and visions for the future to NubeLab.

In 2019 the Nube Lab team visited the workshop of artist Javier Otero to learn about his creative processes first hand. Nube calls these visits, which have been taking place since 2015, “Tallereando”. But what is “Tallereando”? “Tallereando” is to open the doors of the different workspaces where the artists of the Nube team work in order to share in the broad sense of the word: to present, talk and give opinions about the artistic work among colleagues.

This year, after a long time of waiting, the records of that visit to Javier’s workshop were edited. The video is available on Nube Lab’s YouTube channel and it captures some of the interesting conversations that took place in that context.

In order to complement the contents outlined in the video, we wanted to talk to Javier Otero to get to know him in depth, as a person, artist and in his various facets working in Nube.

Watch the entire Interview by Céline Fercovic or read it (in Spanish) online.

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